New Blog Website


Just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update. My long time readers will know I moved my portfolio to a different site in 2017 and to compliment it I have created a new blog site. A website specifically for my portfolio/landscape work. I will still be posting to this site but the direction it takes may change to a casual one. I imagine it being a site that allows me to feel like I can post more than just landscape photos and one that Kim will feel free to work on more often. Maybe I’ll convince her to create a post about her new little print? I don’t know….

Anyway, for more information here is my first blog post on the new blog.






Almost done….sort of


One from last summer.

I’ll be slowly posting my “new” 2018 summer photographs on Instagram and will be checking in here once in a while.

I’ve got a couple more digital files to work on but only half of my film edits are complete. The issue I have with film is the dust. Or more importantly all the dust that gets scanned with the negative. All the dust needs to be removed in post and that tends to take a long lone time. I tend to let the boring & tedious dust removal work pile up  🙂


2019 Update


I hope every one is enjoying the start of the new year. It’s been a busy holiday season for the family and on top of that I am also trying to prepare for a print sale & gallery show (group show) at the Deep Freeze Festival. I am hoping to edit a few more of my favorite 2018 landscapes for the print sale…cross your fingers for me 😉

Here is a 12×6 medium format frame I’ve been working on:

A road I travel down often and one that looks like all the rest. They beat up my little car (the most expensive photographic equipment I own 😉 while I search for a frame in farm country 🙂



18_12x6_026 test





Good Luck In 2019! 🙂