The End


A new family member has been keeping me busy but I have finally finish the edits to my 2018 summer pictures. I’ve been posting most of these on my Instagram account. Here is the last one:


18_6x6_064 Fin

As I mentioned in a previous post I started a new blog and that will be used solely for my portfolio. Since we made this change we’ve been pondering our next step. At first I thought we would continue on posting other photography stuff here. But after much thought I’ve changed my mind and this will be the final post 😦

The main issue we have is how the free version of WordPress displays ads. This issue can be broken down into two very annoying points:

  1. Where the ads are placed in the mobile version. If you follow a link from my twitter account you’ll first see an ad and you will be forced to scroll down to view my work. I started to wonder what if I found a new photographer and their link did that. What would be my first impression of the site?
  2. The type of ads I see. They are not the most reputable and therefore come across as sketchy and spammy.

I’ve done the math and I just can’t justify buying into one of the WordPress packages. As an amateur I don’t want or need all that’s included.

The other thing I  put into consideration is the amount of time I like to spend on WordPress. I feel the photography blogger community has shrunk in size and I don’t find as many new blogs that I enjoy visiting. I imagine this is nothing new and I’m one of the last photographers to admit this fact or… maybe it’s just me.







New Blog Website


Just wanted to give everyone a bit of an update. My long time readers will know I moved my portfolio to a different site in 2017 and to compliment it I have created a new blog site. A website specifically for my portfolio/landscape work. I will still be posting to this site but the direction it takes may change to a casual one. I imagine it being a site that allows me to feel like I can post more than just landscape photos and one that Kim will feel free to work on more often. Maybe I’ll convince her to create a post about her new little print? I don’t know….

Anyway, for more information here is my first blog post on the new blog.





Almost done….sort of


One from last summer.

I’ll be slowly posting my “new” 2018 summer photographs on Instagram and will be checking in here once in a while.

I’ve got a couple more digital files to work on but only half of my film edits are complete. The issue I have with film is the dust. Or more importantly all the dust that gets scanned with the negative. All the dust needs to be removed in post and that tends to take a long lone time. I tend to let the boring & tedious dust removal work pile up  🙂