Farm Field -40

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December 2014 Update: Kim may have heard me say “I’m done taking pictures of this field” many many times. In my defence I thought it was true. But soon after I would start thinking about it. I kept wondering what I missed last year.

I will be updating my favourite series (my only series??) soon. I’m adding a few more pictures to “A prairie Field: My View”. I think they fit well but if you look closely you can see some differences.

Below is the original post I did to introduce my up coming post. Soon I will be posting the updated series. 🙂

January 14th 2014 Post:

It’s a scene like this that makes me wish my camera had a few more pixels. My camera doesn’t do the prairies justice…but I try.

Here is a farm field I’ve been visiting quite often. Kim will be the first to tell you that this field has become a bit of an obsession to me. I keep telling myself I’ve seen all the changes that are ever going to happen but I still keep going back anyway. Many times the field mom looks the same as before, but other times I’ve been surprised.

If I remember correctly this picture was taken about an hour after sunrise. After stopping by the field and taking pictures from my usual angle I decide to find a different subject before the morning light disappeared. For some reason I only traveled a few minutes and stopped again at “my field”. This photo was taken not from the south side, where I usually stop, but from the north looking back onto where I just came from. I’m hoping I will be done take pictures soon and make the time to share “my field” with you 🙂



2 thoughts on “Farm Field -40

  1. I think that photographing the same subject over and over is a fantastic idea. You get to know your subject well, from all angles and views and moods. Beautiful, even if you can’t fit your prairie into the photo.


    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog Annerose and for taking the time to comment. The prairies are amazing. No matter how often I remind myself that the landscape changes a lot (even in a short time) I’m still surprised when I document it in a photo.


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