Prairie Field #16 (Re-post)


I noticed that someone was looking at my November 8, 2012 blog post recently. I forgot all about this post! I spent a good amount of time studying the photos as a consequence. It tweaked my interest so much I decided to do re-post.   🙂 

I’m not sure that the black & white version is still my favorite. When I processed these pictures, my personal “style” was not as well defined and I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it.

I don’t make b&w pictures anymore and if I captured this landscape today I might have processed the colour version slightly different….maybe a tighter crop? Perhaps I’ll publish this photo with a newer interpretation soon.  🙂  

 Original Post:


The B&W is my favorite but the colour is not very far behind. Do you have a preference when it comes to this photo?












11 thoughts on “Prairie Field #16 (Re-post)

  1. the b/w one has a nice abstract touch and appears somehow ‘airier’ than the colored version, if you know what I mean
    both look great, but on the whole I’m more in favour of the color one, too 🙂


      1. no prob, I guess I wasn’t too specific… what I was trying to say was that the colored image looks solid, all bright colors, contrast and minute details. the b/w image, on the other hand, with the reduced color range and the comparative lack of details looks softer, more subtle, even a bit diffuse.
        if you look at the blades in the lower half of the image: in the b/w version those in the background blend in with the sky, in the colored one they all remain distinct and compact. this difference makes the b/w “airy” to me.


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