I’ve only finished one photography series so far but in my defense nature does what it wants in spite of my wishes. But, I do find it hard to follow through with many of the ideas I think up. Sometimes I end up writing off ones I’ve experimented with as “bad ideas” and others just fade away when I loose interest. Hopefully my latest idea for a series will stick around for a while. Maybe I’ll even finish it.

The idea behind the “Details” series

Distractions, obligations and the fast pace of life can make it difficult to spend time viewing a photograph in detail. The fact is most people view pictures hurriedly while scrolling past on their phone. There usually isn’t much thought other than whether we like it or not.

With this series I take some of my favorite medium format pictures and crop out “details” for a different way to experience the complete photograph. Instead of an unwieldy 60″ by 60″ inch print you see multiple smaller photos representing one photograph.

I selected this photograph to start with because I like how the out of focus areas enhance the contrast, hide details, and feel like paint strokes.

Title: Grain 2018 (original)

Details No. 1 (Grain 2018)

Details No. 2 (Grain 2018)

Details No. 3 (Grain 2018)

Details No. 4 (Grain 2018)

I’m pretty happy with the result and I’m excited to see if other photos work well when dissecting them. I would love to have enough photos to create a small book or vine. Whether or not this series lasts, I’ll have some fun in the process 🙂




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