I’ve only finished one photography series so far but in my defense nature does what it wants in spite of my wishes. But, I do find it hard to follow through with many of the ideas I think up. Sometimes I end up writing off ones I’ve experimented with as “bad ideas” and others just fade away when I loose interest. Hopefully my latest idea for a series will stick around for a while. Maybe I’ll even finish it.

The idea behind the “Details” series

Distractions, obligations and the fast pace of life can make it difficult to spend time viewing a photograph in detail. The fact is most people


My 2017 & Summer Grain #5


Near Sunset on a field of grain.

The weather was against me in 2017!

The summer was either super stormy or just plain boring and I wont mention the limited amount of snow I’ve seen this year. With this crazy weather and my limited schedule I ended up taking fewer pictures. I ventured out later in the day and thus captured softer light. I’m partial to bright afternoon sun with beautiful prairie clouds towering in the sky.

I should also mention that late in the year I also participated in an art sale for the first time. The amount of work and planning that goes into selling prints is a lot more that I anticipated. All in all the sale was a big learning experience and maybe I will get to a few of those a year. I am attending one this weekend at the Deep Freeze Festival.

Overall I didn’t get as many cloud pictures as I would have liked, but 2017 has stirred up my creative thoughts & ideas for the better. I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and successful 2018!!  🙂