2019 Update


I hope every one is enjoying the start of the new year. It’s been a busy holiday season for the family and on top of that I am also trying to prepare for a print sale & gallery show (group show) at the Deep Freeze Festival.Β I am hoping to edit a few more of my favorite 2018 landscapes for the print sale…cross your fingers for me πŸ˜‰

Here is a 12×6 medium format frame I’ve been working on:

A road I travel down often and one that looks like all the rest. They beat up my little car (the most expensive photographic equipment I own πŸ˜‰ while I search for a frame in farm country πŸ™‚



18_12x6_026 test





Good Luck In 2019! πŸ™‚





18_07_22_012 blog

I have driven by this field many times and last night I finally stop for a picture. As it turns out this will be the last Canola picture I’ll take this summer. The Canola flowers are rapidly disappearing and they wont return until next year. But, I still have lots of photos to edit and some film to get developed & scanned. So you haven’t seen all my 2018 Canola pictures yet!