Work in Progress – Purple Flowers, Canola and barn – Diptych

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Not sure if it works as a diptych but my first impression is that I like it.

Alberta weather has been crazy. We’ve already received two big snow falls. One late this summer and one this weekend. So, I’m just hanging out working on the house (painting the baby’s room). But I did take a small break to scan these frames.

Excitingly and at the same time unfortunately I still have a bunch of negatives to scan from last winter and this summer. Hopefully I’l be caught up soon so I can share some cool photos 🙂 If not have a fun winter 🙂






18_07_22_012 blog

I have driven by this field many times and last night I finally stop for a picture. As it turns out this will be the last Canola picture I’ll take this summer. The Canola flowers are rapidly disappearing and they wont return until next year. But, I still have lots of photos to edit and some film to get developed & scanned. So you haven’t seen all my 2018 Canola pictures yet!

Prairie Field #16 (Re-post)


I noticed that someone was looking at my November 8, 2012 blog post recently. I forgot all about this post! I spent a good amount of time studying the photos as a consequence. It tweaked my interest so much I decided to do re-post.   🙂 

I’m not sure that the black & white version is still my favorite. When I processed these pictures, my personal “style” was not as well defined and I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it.

I don’t make b&w pictures anymore and if I captured this landscape today I might have processed the colour version slightly different….maybe a tighter crop? Perhaps I’ll publish this photo with a newer interpretation soon.  🙂  

 Original Post:


The B&W is my favorite but the colour is not very far behind. Do you have a preference when it comes to this photo?