Snow Covered Fields




It feels like winter has finally arrived! Just over a week ago we got our first major snow storm of the year  🙂

I am going to explore the countryside for the perfect snowy landscape. As long as my little car doesn’t get stuck in the snow I will be happy 🙂







Farm Field -40

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December 2014 Update: Kim may have heard me say “I’m done taking pictures of this field” many many times. In my defence I thought it was true. But soon after I would start thinking about it. I kept wondering what I missed last year.

I will be updating my favourite series (my only series??) soon. I’m adding a few more pictures to “A prairie Field: My View”. I think they fit well but if you look closely you can see some differences.

Below is the original post I did to introduce my up coming post. Soon I will be posting the updated series. 🙂

January 14th 2014 Post:

It’s a scene like this that makes me wish my camera had a few more pixels. My camera doesn’t do the prairies justice…but I try.

Here is a farm field I’ve been visiting quite often. Kim will be the first to tell you that this field has become a bit of an obsession to me. I keep telling myself I’ve seen all the changes that are ever going to happen but I still keep going back anyway. Many times the field mom looks the same as before, but other times I’ve been surprised.

If I remember correctly this picture was taken about an hour after sunrise. After stopping by the field and taking pictures from my usual angle I decide to find a different subject before the morning light disappeared. For some reason I only traveled a few minutes and stopped again at “my field”. This photo was taken not from the south side, where I usually stop, but from the north looking back onto where I just came from. I’m hoping I will be done take pictures soon and make the time to share “my field” with you 🙂